What is Chef’d?

Chef’d brings you fresh ingredients and world famous recipes right to your doorstep! At Chef’d, we’ve partnered with celebrity chefs, popular restaurants, culinary brands and food media around the world to redefine the home-delivery chef box experience. Chef’d brings you...

  • Fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes transported from kitchen to doorstep.
  • 700 (and growing monthly!) notable recipes that accommodate all dietary needs.
  • The ability to reorder your favorite meal, as many times you’d like.
  • Delivery timeframe is based on your zipcode, which you will be able to see during checkout. We use a 2 day shipping method, so if you're close enough to our Fulfillment Centers, you will get 1 day delivery. 

We have partnerships with Brands you love like New York Times, Weight Watchers, American Diabetes, and more to come.

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