Can I select the meals I want in advance?

Yes! Here’s how it will work:

Ordering from our A La Carte (Shop) Menu:

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your zip code which will provide you with a list of available delivery dates. You will be able to Order up to 2 weeks out depending on your shipping address.

Ordering when enrolled in a Meal Plan:

When you enroll in a meal plan you’re always ordering a week in advance. Every Monday you'll receive an email showing you a set of meals that have been selected for you (by our system) based on the preferences you have set up in your Meal Plan Preferences. The meals shown in this email are going to be delivered the following week. You have from when you receive this email until Wednesday (2 days later) to make any changes (such as swapping out meals or skipping delivery for the week). Billing will occur on Thursdays every week, so the timeline will look like this:

Monday- Received Email

Monday-Wednesday = Make any changes you'd like

Thursday = Billing occurs for the order scheduled to be delivered the following week. No changes can be made at this point.

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