Are the packaging materials recyclable? How do I dispose of the materials?

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint. Chef'd provides incredible convenience but, unfortunately, can come at a cost when it comes to the amount of packaging needed to ensure food safety. While current limitations exist, we are committed to operating as green as possible -- without sacrificing your safety -- by reducing the amount of packaging we use overall. As we search for a better way, many of our packaging items are recyclable or reusable:

Recycle: The outer shipping box, food bags, cups, and bottles can all be recycled normally at home.

Reduce: The gel freezer packs are 100% non-toxic.

  • You may safely discard the gel pack(s) in the trash, as the ingredients are non-toxic. 
  • The outer plastic can be recycled normally.

Reuse: Our foam insulation is non-toxic, made of 100% sustainable materials, and is reusable. It can also be recycled if taken to a polyurethane recycling depot. If you do not have a polyurethane recycling depot near you, you may be able to take the foam insulation to a mattress recycling depot. 

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