How is nutritional information calculated?

Serving size:

The serving size for the nutrition information provided is based on the FDA's RACC guidelines for nutritional information, this is the same standard that you would see on most of the food you purchase.  We support future changes of evolving the industry standards to be more representative of what most people consider a serving.  

All of the charts are based on a 2-person meal.

Here's an example:

Beef Bourguignon
260 cal x 6 servings = 1,560 calories
1,560 calories / 2 meals = 780 calories

Each full meal of Beef Bourguignon is for approximately 780 calories per plate. 

Sodium Disclaimer 

All recipes on this site have been subject to a rigorous testing process in the Chef’d Test Kitchen, to ensure that all meals meet our company quality and taste standards. Our chef’s test all recipes using kosher salt. Please keep in mind that sodium levels vary between different types of salt. Individual preferences and palettes can vary greatly. 


The Nutrition Facts Panel are analyzed according to the completed dish as prepared and expressed on the recipe card. Any additions, omissions, or revision made outside of the instructed steps will change this information.

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