How do I re-activate my meal plan account?

Did you mean to skip a week?  

First you will need to log into your account by clicking here.

Then navigate to the "My Account" drop down on the top right corner.  Click "Meal Plan Preferences"

Once you click, "Meal Plan Preferences" you will need to click on "Re-activate this Meal Plan".  


Congratulations!  Your Meal Plan account is now active again!

Here is how you can skip just one week or multiple weeks.

You can choose to skip future weeks at anytime before Wednesday at 11:59PM PST.  

Navigate to the “Meal Plan Preference” page. On the right side of this screen you will see a calendar. Simply hover your mouse over the week you wish to skip. Click on “Skip Week”. This week will then turn grey and state there are no deliveries for that week.


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