How does the meal plan work?

First, you will set up all your meal preferences by clicking here

You will then pick out your first week's meals, set a delivery date, and input your billing information.

You’re now part of the weekly Meal Plan subscription!

  • Each week you'll receive an email highlighting Next Week's Menu – meals we've curated just for you based on your Taste Profile and preferences.
  • Everything look good? Do nothing and your meals will be shipped to you on the delivery date you've chosen.
  • Need to make a change? Swap out a meal or two or update your delivery date? No problem!
  • Going out of town? Skip a week

Essentially, here is how it functions:

  • Every Monday suggested meals preference email is sent to you based on your allergens/protein preferences. You can then either swap the meals to other recipes you prefer or simply skip that week.
  •  ***All changes you wish to make (Skip/Swap) has a deadline of Wednesday 11:59PM PST*** the week before your order is scheduled to be delivered.
  • If an order has been skipped, you will still get an email of the suggested meals that would have shipped to you as an option to discontinue the skip action and resume shipment of the order the following week.
  • The meal plan is billed weekly, each Wednesday by 11:59PM for the delivery of food the following week.0
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